Marco Liscidini


received the Ph.D degree in physics from the University of Pavia (Italy) 2006, with a dissertation entitled "Nonlinear optical properties of planar microcavities and photonic crystal slabs". From 2007 to 2009, he was Post-Doctoral Fellow in the group of Prof. J. E. Sipe at the Department of Physics of the University of Toronto, Canada. He is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Physics of the University of Pavia, and he serves as technical advisor to Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc, Toronto, Canada. His research activity is focused on the theoretical study and modelling of the light-­matter interaction in micro-­ and nano­structures. He works in several areas of photonics, including classical and quantum nonlinear optics, spontaneous emission, plasmon and QW-exciton polaritons, optical sensing and bio-sensing, and photovoltaic effects. His theoretical research activity is in strong collaboration with experimental groups and in the framework of national, European, US, and Canadian research programs. (Download CV)


Nicola Bergamasco

(B.Sc. Pavia 2012, M.Sc. Pavia 2016, Ph.D. Pavia 2021) During his PhD, he worked on the generation of nonclassical light in integrated devices via parametric fluorescence, either spontaneous parametric down down conversion or spontaneous four-wave mixing, focusing on the connection between topological photonics and quantum correlations. He currently working on the enhancement of the nonlinear light-matter interaction in linearly uncoupled resonators.

PhD Candidates

Tommaso Perani

(B.Sc. Pavia 2014, M.Sc. Pavia 2018) His master project dealt with the design and optimization of Bloch Surface Waves resonators. This approach to light confinement aims at the development of new scientific and technological knowledge, by introducing substantial innovation in the field of applied photonics. During his PhD, he will work on the generation of nonclassical light exploiting the enhancement of the light-matter interaction due to light confinement in photonic micro- and nano- structures.

Luca Zatti

(B.Sc Pavia 2017, M. Sc. Pavia 2019) is working on the generation and manipulation of nonclassical states of light via spontaneous four-wave mixing in integrated quantum photonic circuits. This work is mainly focused on the design and optimization of new geometries to improve the generation efficiency and suppress unwanted parasitic processes.

Master Students

Diego Maragnano

(B. Sc. Pavia 2020) His thesis project deals with the control and the enhancement of nonlinear phenomena exploiting light confinement in photonic nano structures. The main focus of the project is the generation of nonclassical light by third-order parametric fluorescence.

Alice Viola

(B. Sc. Pavia 2020) Her thesis project deals with the generation of photon pairs by spontaneous four-wave mixing in novel integrated structures. The main focus of her research activity is the study and control of the quantum correlations of the generated photons through a proper system design.


Tommaso Moretti

His final project deals with reciprocity in physics, with particular emphasis on optical systems. The idea is to clarify the main features of systems exhibiting reciprocity and its connection with time-reversal symmetry. The project will also involved numerical analysis of light propagation in stratified media.