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Call for UniPV PhD

The call for admission to the PhD program has been published on the UNIPV web page - Deadline for applications: 24 June 2020 at 5 PM CET.

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CLEO 2020

We are at CLEO! This year this important conference will be accessible via Zoom at no costs. Yet, registration is mandatory. Our group will be present with various contributions.

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Meeting NOMEN

Last week in Como, we had the kickoff meeting of NOMEN, a MIUR-funded project aiming at exploring the use of metal-less nanoantennas and metasurfaces to develop new platforms for nonlinear photonics applications.

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Nonlinear coupling of two optical resonators

We have demonstrated nonlinear optical coupling of two linearly uncoupled integrated resonators. This work is now published in Optics Letters.

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Tommaso @CLEO2020

This Thursday, Tommaso Perani will present his work entitled Bloch-Surface-Wave Nanobeam Cavity (JTh2F.7).

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An electrically-driven source of entangled photons

We demonstrate electrically-driven emission of time-energy entangled photon pairs at telecom wavelengths from a Silicon self-pumped ring. These results are now available in Optics Letters.

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Single-mode squeezing in an integrated device

Xanadu demonstrates the generation of broadband single-mode quadrature squeezed vacuum from an integrated nanophotonic device. This work is available on arXiv

Happy New Year

We wish you all the best for a joyful and productive 2020!

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Nicola @CLEO2020

This Monday, Nicola Bergamasco will present his work entitled Topological Protection of Biphoton States Generated in Waveguide Arrays by Parametric Fluorescence (FM3C.5);


The university is closed due to the COVID9 emergency. However research and teaching activities continue online! See you soon!

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SPDC and phase matching

We show that in a photonic crystal the SPDC generation rate can scale with the fifth power of the structure length despite phase-matching condition is not satisfied. This work is now published in Optics Letters.

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Squeezing and CV quantum sampling

We propose a novel squeezed light source capable of meeting the stringent requirements of continuous variable quantum sampling. This work is now published in Physical Review Applied.




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